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The BARDEUM Mobile App combines the magic of history, travel and storytelling by allowing visitors to not just see the sites, but step inside their stories. 

Courage & Determination is an audiovisual tour for the FDR Memorial in Washington D.C. written by H.W. Brands

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the longest serving President in U.S. history - winning four Presidential elections. He saw America through the Great Depression and through World War II, dying just months before it ended.

Born into America’s upper class, FDR lived inside the highest circles of power and wealth.  He was athletic and handsome and enjoyed all the privileges life offered.  Until, at the age of 40, tragedy struck.


Step Inside the Story of FDR’s polio diagnosis and learn how this test of personal hardship shaped the man and the President he would become.  Inspired by those around him, including his wife Eleanor and the ordinary Americans he met during his recovery, FDR found the Courage & Determination to fight for not just his own survival, but for the common good of all Americans. 

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HW Brands



Two-Time Pulitzer Prize Finalist and New York Times bestselling author of over 30 books.

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