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Actor & Director best known for his roles in Oz, The Bourne Identity, Lost, Game of Thrones and his directorial debut for the award-winning film Farming.

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Tour of Roman Colosseum


A Tour of the Roman Colosseum

The year is 85 CE and Emperor Domitian is celebrating the achievements of Governor Agricola’s victorious campaign in Britannia with ten days of games in the Great Amphitheater.  


Follow Marcus Venutius into the arena’s seedy underworld of betting, bribes, blood and betrayal. From the marble seats of the wealthy to the hot sands and hidden hypogeum of the gladiators, Marcus must determine friend from foe before he ends up more than a spectator of Domitian’s great games.


Will Marcus become another nameless victim of Rome’s most feared crime lord Gaius Lucretius or can he outsmart the criminal boss and walk away with a tidy profit? 


Learn all about the Roman Colosseum and the Great Games that took place there by Stepping Inside the Story of BARDEUM’s Blood and Sand.



2018    Farming    Writer & Director

2016    Bilal    Bilal (voice)
2016    Suicide Squad    Waylon Jones / Killer Croc
2015    Trumbo    Virgil Brooks
2015    Concussion    Dave Duerson
2014    Pompeii    Atticus
2014    Annie    Nash
2013    Bullet to the Head    Morel
2013    Thor: The Dark World    Algrim the Strong / Kurse
2013    The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete    Pike
2012    Best Laid Plans    Joseph
2011    Killer Elite    The Agent
2011    The Thing    Derek Jameson
2010    Faster    The Evangelist
2009    G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra    Heavy Duty
2005    The Mistress of Spices    Kwesi
2005    On the One (Preaching to the Choir)    Bull Sharky
2005    Get Rich or Die Tryin'    Majestic
2004    Unstoppable    Agent Junod
2002    The Bourne Identity    Nykwana Wombosi
2001    The Mummy Returns    Lock-Nah
2001    Lip Service    Sebastion
1998    Legionnaire    Luther
1996    The Deadly Voyage    Emmanuel
1995    Congo    Kahega
1995    Delta of Venus    The Clairvoyant
1995    Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls    Hitu




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