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A Wall Street Journal, New York Times and USA Today Bestseller, Laura Kamoie  has always been fascinated by the people, stories, and physical presence of the past, which led her to a lifetime of historical and archaeological study and training. She holds a doctoral degree in early American history from The College of William and Mary, published two non-fiction books on early America, and most recently held the position of Associate Professor of History at the U.S. Naval Academy before transitioning to a full-time career writing.

She has also co-authored the critically acclaimed and bestselling books My Dear Hamilton and America's First Daughter.

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Jefferson_To Begin the World Again_Front Cover.jpg

In May of 1776, at the age of 33, Thomas Jefferson was one of the youngest members of the Second Continental Congress. A political up-and-comer from Virginia, he was appointed to a small committee tasked with drafting a document to declare that the American colonies were to be free and independent states - absolved from all allegiance to the British crown.

The committee, which included John Adams and Benjamin Franklin, elected Jefferson as the principal drafter of this declaration of independence. Over the days that followed, Jefferson was largely sequestered away writing in his boardinghouse. His quill scratched the paper, black ink unwinding from the tip in an expression of the American mind against the tyranny of Britain. 


Jefferson firmly believed in the necessity of ending slavery, yet knew his own hands were stained with his own tyranny. Could he incorporate abolition into this declaration?

Step inside the story of the creation of a document that would shape not only America’s history, but that of the World’s.  


America's First Daughter: A Novel (Co-Authored with Stephanie Dray)

"Painstakingly researched, beautifully hewn, compulsively readable -- this enlightening literary journey takes us from Monticello to revolutionary Paris to the Jefferson White House, revealing remarkable historical details, dark family secrets, and bringing to life the colorful cast of characters who conceived of our new nation. A must read." - Allison Pataki, New York Times bestselling author of The Accidental Empress

"[A] triumphant, controversial, and fascinating plunge into the complexities of Revolutionary America, where women held power in subtle ways and men hid dangerous secrets. You'll never look at Jefferson or his legacy the same way again." - C.W. Gortner, bestselling author of Mademoiselle Chanel

My Dear Hamilton: A Novel of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton (Co-Authored with Stephanie Dray) 

“Following their stunning success in America’s First Daughter, Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamois have penned an unforgettable story of the woman behind Hamilton [...] My Dear Hamilton is a masterpiece that is both intimate in detail and epic in scope—a triumph!”   - Pam Jenoff, New York Times bestselling author of The Orphan’s Tale

“If you’ve ever wanted to banter with Hamilton or share a dish of tea with the Marquis de Lafayette, open the covers of My Dear Hamilton and step right in to Eliza Hamilton’s parlor [...] The gang’s all there!”  - Lauren Willig, New York Times bestselling author of The English Wife

Ribbons of Scarlet: A Novel of the French Revolution's Women:

A Compilation of six authors.


“The French Revolution as you've never read it before--fast-paced, gut-wrenching, and told through the eyes of women who fought and lived it. This is historical fiction at its absolute best!” ―Michelle Moran, author of Madame Tussaud

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