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International bestselling author of over 30 historical novels.

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Tour of the Palatine Hill Rome


A Tour of the Palatine Hill’s Imperial Palace


It is nightfall on the 27th of October in the year 312 Anno Domini. Marcus Aurelius Valerius Maxentius Augustus, known to history simply as Maxentius has been named Emperor by an ineffectual Senate.  He has made his court on the Palatine Hill as did the first true Emperors of Rome. The usurper Constantine has claimed himself Emperor and now sits with his army on the far side of the Tiber river, just beyond the Milvian Bridge.  A battle is coming. 

On the eve of this defining moment, Maxentius seeks to understand Rome’s future through ancient prophecy and ceremonial offerings to the gods. The only thing certain is that the morning will herald great change amid disaster and bloodshed, and Maxentius is challenging fate and the will of gods as he prepares for the dawn.

Step Inside the Story of this true event and learn about Emperor Maxentius, this critical turning point in Rome’s history and its reliance on prophecy & sacrifice.  Walk through the Palace grounds with Maxentius as he prepares for the dawn. Envision the palace through his eyes and watch as he hides a secret that lays buried for almost 1700 years.  


Rise of Emperors Series with Gordon Doherty: Sons of Rome & Masters of Rome

"A page turner from beginning to end . . . A damn fine read." —Ben Kane

"An exciting new series set in the 3rd century AD, perfect for fans of Simon Scarrow and Conn Iggulden."


The Damned Emperors Series: Caligula and Commodus

"Gripping, emotional, and authentic. The best Roman novel I've read in a long time. Simon Turney is one of the best historical novelists out there." ―Christian Cameron, author of KILLER OF MEN

"Energetic and intelligent" - Mary Beard, Professor of Classics at Cambridge

Marius Mules SeriesThe Invasion of Gaul; The Belgae; Gallia Invicta; Conspiracy of Eagles; Hades' Gate; Caesar's Vow; Prelude to War; The Great Revolt; Sons of Taranis Pax; Gallica; Fields of Mars; Tides of War; and Sands of Egypt

"Rich with gory battle scenes and dramatic espionage." - Kirkus Reviews

"Action that any HBO Series would envy" - Parmenion Books 

The Praetorian SeriesThe Great Game; The Price of Treason; Eagles of Dacia; and Lions of Rome


"Entertaining, exciting and beautifully researched" - Douglas Jackson

"From the Legion to the Guard, from battles to the deep intrigue of court, Praetorian: The Great Game is packed with great characters, wonderfully researched locations and a powerful plot." - Robin Carter

Tales of the Empire SeriesInterregnum; Ironroot; Dark Empress; Insurgency; Emperor's Bane; and Invasion


Knights Templar Series: Daughter of War; The Last Emir; and City of God  


'Turney masters politics, pace and pursuit in this death-defying twelfth-century story ... stunning story-telling’ - Prue Batten, author of The Triptych Chronicle Trilogy

The Ottoman Cycle SeriesThe Thief's Tale; The Priest's Tale;  The Assassin's Tale;  and The Pasha's Tale


Simon is also a co-author of four historical novels including A Song of War; and A Year of Ravens: A Novel of Boudica's Rebellion.

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