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New York Times, Wall Street Journal and London Sunday Times bestselling author of eight historical novels.



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A Tour of the Circus Maximus


The year is 65 AD and the controversial Emperor Nero has spared no expense to fulfill his promise to the people of Rome. The Circus Maximus has been rebuilt following the great fire and is now the most impressive track ever constructed.  While this endears Nero to charioteering fans, discontent grows among the Senators over his frivolous spending.

Follow along with our intrepid chaperon, Appius Teretina, as he guides you through these true events on the final day of the festival of Ceres. Place bets on your favorite Charioteer team and find out if the Blues, Reds, Whites or the Emperor’s favored Greens, carry the day! 

And, if you’re lucky, the Emperor himself will appear before the final race of the day. You’ll discover that even amongst civil unrest and treasonous plots of murder, the show must go on!

Learn about the Circus Maximus, chariot racing, the notorious Emperor Nero and a real-life murderous plot as you Step Inside the Story of BARDEUM’s The Charioteer.


The Autobiography of Henry VIII:

"It doth brim with lust, violence, cruelty and living conservation...Margaret George has found a new and fresh way to tell the story. -- Detroit Free Press

Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles

"The best kind of historical novel, one the reader can't wait to get lost in." --San Francisco Chronicle

"A painstakingly researched novel that makes history live. The author's deep sympathy for her subject renders Mary an entirely real and unforgettable heroine." --Publishers Weekly (starred)

The Memoirs of Cleopatra:


“[A] time machine...It's as if you lived there, walked the streets and counseled the Queen throughout her turbulent life.” ―Cincinnati Enquirer

“George is such a skilled writer the book seems built no the intimate details of the five senses” ―Memphis Commercial Appeal

“Readers looking to be transported to another place and time will find their magic carpet here.” ―Publishers Weekly"

Mary Called Magdalene:


“The premise of Ms. George’s novel is intriguing...With rigorous research, [she] paints the landscape and rituals of Judea.”—The New York Times

“[An] expansive, thoughtful novel.”—San Francisco Chronicle


Helen of Troy:


“The face that launched a thousand ships has sparked a scintillating historical novel.”—Chicago Tribune

Elizabeth I:


“Deeply engaging, it sets a new benchmark for the genre.”—New York Times bestselling author Alison Weir

“A rare unfusty take on the Virgin Queen.”—Vogue

Confessions of A Young Nero:


“[George] brilliantly recreates past eras and bygone civilizations.”—Sharon Kay Penman, author of A King’s Ransom
“A wonderful novel, from the riveting first scene to the breathtaking finale.” —Jennifer Chiaverini, New York Times bestselling author of Fates and Traitors and Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker 


The Splendor Before the Dark: A Novel of the Emperor Nero


 “A resplendent novel filled with the gilt and marble of the ancient world.”—C. W. Gortner, author of The Romanov Empress

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