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The BARDEUM Mobile App combines the magic of history, travel and storytelling by allowing visitors to not just see the sites, but step inside their stories. 

"When you visit Versailles, don’t settle for admiring the architecture—download Revolution Comes to Versailles and LIVE through a harrowing moment in the French Revolution. The market women of Paris are marching on the palace, screaming for Marie Antoinette’s head on a pike. As the panic mounts, Grey offers us a human queen—mother, monarch, wife—instead of a distorted stereotype. Brava!" 

Sophie Perinot, author of Médicis Daughter: A Novel of Marguerite de Valois


"Author Juliet Grey’s intimate insights into Marie Antoinette’s character and motivations combined with her own excellent narration  enhance this effective and moving portrait of a queen and country in crisis." 

Margaret Porter, historical fiction author and historian

Revolution Comes to Versailles is an audiovisual tour of the King's bedchamber and the Queen's Suite at the Palace of Versailles

It’s October 5, 1789. France has been in a state of tension for months. In June, the citizens formed a National Assembly; and on July 14, the Bastille Prison was stormed. Ever since, there have been uprisings demanding Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity.

France’s despised queen Marie Antoinette has just learned that a ragtag army of Paris fishwives is on the march toward Versailles, slogging through a drenching downpour. Word has spread that they are coming to demand bread from the king, Louis XVI; yet they are armed with pikes, pitchforks, and scythes. Is something much more sinister afoot?

The panicked courtiers fear for their lives. Stay—or flee? As Marie Antoinette tries to calm the court, surveying the rooms of the Queen’s Suite and searching for her husband, the tension rises and the hours inexorably tick by. Step Inside the Story of BARDEUM’s Revolution Comes to Versailles and follow the true events of the French royal family’s final hours there.

We recommend headphones
and Downloading Before you go.

Leslie Carroll Author




Author of twenty-one books in three genres including the acclaimed Marie Antoinette Trilogy. Also an Audie Award Winning Voice Actor.

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