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Award winning and Sunday Times No. 1 Bestselling Author of over forty novels.



Tour of Roman Colosseum


A Tour of the Roman Colosseum

The year is 85 CE and Emperor Domitian is celebrating the achievements of Governor Agricola’s victorious campaign in Britannia with ten days of games in the Great Amphitheater.  


Follow Marcus Venutius into the arena’s seedy underworld of betting, bribes, blood and betrayal. From the marble seats of the wealthy to the hot sands and hidden hypogeum of the gladiators, Marcus must determine friend from foe before he ends up more than a spectator of Domitian’s great games.


Will Marcus become another nameless victim of Rome’s most feared crime lord Gaius Lucretius or can he outsmart the criminal boss and walk away with a tidy profit? 


Learn all about the Roman Colosseum and the Great Games that took place there by Stepping Inside the Story of BARDEUM’s Blood and Sand.


Eagles of the Empire Series: Under the Eagle; The Eagle's Conquest; When the Eagle Hunts; The Eagle and the Wolves; The Eagle's Prey; The Eagle's Prophecy; The Eagle in the Sand; Centurion; The Gladiator; The Legion; Praetorian; The Blood Crows; Brothers in Blood; Britannia; Invictus; Day of the Caesars; The Blood of Rome; and Traitors of Rome.

“ 'Blood, gore, political intrigue... A historical fiction thriller that'll have you reaching for your gladius' Daily Sport

The Wellington and Napoleon Quartet: Young Bloods; The Generals; Fire and Sword; and The Fields of Death.

"Ferocious and compelling" - Daily Express

Gladiator Series (Young Adult):  Fight for Freedom; Street Fighter; Son of Spartacus; and Vengeance


The Sword and the Scimitar:


A Battle that could not be Lost; A love that could not win.

Hearts of Stone: A gripping historical thriller of World War II and the Greek resistance 


"Gripping... [a] moving narrative of friendships broken by war and betrayal' Sunday Times

Simon is also a co-author with T.J. Andrews of fifteen novels: The Arena Series; Invader Series and Pirata Series.

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